City of Durand
Riverfront Enhancement

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This $1.6 million project was awarded two Transportation Enhancement Grants (prepared by Cedar Corporation) totaling $1.3 million. The project involved redeveloping the deteriorated back alley area along the Chippewa River into a scenic attraction for travelers on USH 10, users of the Chippewa River State Trail, and residents of the area. The project includes a 10 foot wide asphalt walkway/bike path; a new park with a gazebo, picnic tables, benches, decorative concrete pathways, and decorative lighting; and a 500 foot decorative sea wall with viewing areas and benches scattered along the route. Cedar Corporation designed the entire project including lighting along the trail, decorative lighting along River Street, and trail lighting along Main Street. This major redevelopment project connects directly to the Chippewa River State Trail.